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Don't buy before you've seen each modular home which has been designed for your building code, for your climate zone, and which is retailed in your area. With over 3,200 models listed, PrefabExpo makes finding a suitable one a breeze.

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A significant amount of time, manpower and resources are needed to upkeep the PrefabExpo database which lists models from 118 North American modular home manufacturers. To cover these expenses, we charge a very modest subscription fee. This enables you to view modular home plans available for your building area, find modular home builders and dealers serving your area, and ask for modular home prices and modular housing details from your desktop, instantaneously, whether the vendor is Internet-connected or not.                    Sign Up
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No more wasting your time and resources trying to find modular home dealers or builders repre- senting your desired line of modular housing. By referencing over 14,000 US retailers engaged in sale of off-site built buildings, PrefabExpo provides you with a sub- stantial advantage over traditional methods of ascertaining competitive modular home prices, for a negligible subscription cost.                   Sign Up
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Regardless of whether you are plan to build a modular house, cape cod or modular log home in your neighborhood or hundreds of miles away, PrefabExpo enables you to find all the information you'll ever need, for a fraction of otherwise incurred costs.     Sign Up
We work behind the scene to enable you to seamlessly request infor- mation from any retailer of modulars anywhere in the USA, regardless of whether the retailer is Internet-enabled, or not. When you become a subscriber, your question, request or messages will be instantly delivered to the closest or selected vendor via email or fax, at no cost to you. Sign Up
The combination of our specially-designed tools and services enables you to fine tune your purchasing decision to an ultimate level of confi- dence, with a sizeable savings in cost.    Sign Up
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PrefabExpo thanks all those modular home manufacturers, represen- tatives and retailers, who have provided us with data making it possible to create this great resource and to supply reliable information to the consumers of the off-site built building industry.

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